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Bands like Happy Trails don’t just happen: they take time to evolve and develop. Some describe the sound as ‘Americana’ but even that’s too narrow to fully capture the maturity of this band. It is a unique sound that has to be heard because it’s only then that you get a true sense of the energy, textures and fun that is Happy Trails. It’s a sound that emerges from a curious mix of original material, inspired by Cajun, folk and country blues, along with unique interpretations of other songs, from the bluegrass-inspired Ozark Mountain Daredevils to the more sinister tunes by Nick Cave. You’ll want to dance, stomp your foot, or join in any way you can.

Happy Trails is the sum total of its members – Al Clarke, Geoff Sandiford, Richard Bilous, Tom Fairs and Adrian Madden – who have all played in different bands over the years. And it’s from their musical backstories, their individual and occasionally shared musical ventures, along with their collective pursuit of the right sound – and a bit of fun – that the sound of Happy Trails emerges. You’ve got to hear this band.

And like any good story, the history of Happy Trails has its share of sad as well as happy times. Originally co-founded by Trevor Stevenson over 20 years ago, the Happy Trails sound has already travelled around the world and inspired new ideas, partnerships and songs. But after Trevor’s death in 2013 the Trails had seemingly come to an end, with many happy memories from the journey. Now after some soul searching and the positive encouragement from those close to Trevor, Al decided to set off again on a new trail, and here we are – many new and exciting songs, some new faces, a load of old friends … and we’d like you to be part of the Trails too!

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